Prepare your students for life's challenges by allowing them to learn from experience 

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Supporting young people in navigating the stresses and strains of daily life is more important than ever. Young people face pressures at school, home and within themselves. While we may not be able to remove all these challenges, we can support young people by encouraging the development of skills to help them face these challenges with confidence. We can prepare them by teaching them strategies to help them cope with stress and adversity.

Resilience is the ability to overcome difficult experiences and be shaped positively by them. Our resilience incursions focus on developing crucial skills, allowing young people to respond with confidence to challenges and changes in their lives.

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Because each young learner is unique, our programming allows for peaks, valleys, turbulence, excitement, periods of calm, and periods of activity. Students move through a sequence of outcome-based activities, prefaced with a briefing, and concluded with a debrief aimed toward self-reflection and recognition of one's own capabilities. This reflection is a vital part of experiential education.


Communication - a series of group activities wherein communication is vital. With each activity, students enhance their skills by understanding the importance of adapting their communication style.

Trust and empathy - group activities in which students must shift their focus and consider their peer's point of view. Using the communication skills they have gained, they must guide and support their teammates to overcome obstacles and complete various tasks.

Decision making and problem-solving – small group initiatives give students the opportunity to work together as a team and strategise. They must draw on self-control, self-efficacy and adaptability as they observe themselves and their peers succeed. 



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The Outdoor Education Group has been delivering outdoor education to Australian students for more than 35 years. We work with schools across the country to bring education outdoors and support students to become real world ready. The Outdoor Education Group is bringing the excitement of the natural world closer to home so your students spend less time travelling and more time exploring their potential.

Whether you are starting an outdoor education program or wanting to enhance your current curriculum, our range of outdoor experiences will ensure your students receive the outcomes and impact your school needs.



In a rapidly changing and unpredictable future, resilience, strength and health will be crucial for tackling life's challenges. The Outdoor Education Group know learning in the outdoors is a great way to enhance young people's personal development in these areas and to promote physical and emotional wellbeing.

Our resilience incursions are a real opportunity to improve student learning by fully engaging them in outdoor activities that allow them to build their confidence and their sense of responsibility. Without leaving the school grounds, students can develop resilience and hone vital skills through powerful and authentic learning experiences.



The Outdoor Education Group help young people realise their personal best by using experiences in the outdoors as a vehicle for impact. Our team of more than 400 diversely talented and experienced people support and deliver outdoor education from more than 48,000 students each year across Australia.

Our Leaders are all COVIDsafe trained and are experts in facilitating powerful and enjoyable experiences that support your curriculum and teaching frameworks to provide social, physical and psychological outcomes. They are passionate about the outdoors and believe in delivering meaningful and memorable experiences for your students.

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COVIDSafe Practices

At The Outdoor Education Group we take pride in delivering quality, life-changing Outdoor Education experiences to young Australians.

At the core of this mission is delivering these experiences in a safe and fully supported environment, with an eye to our risk management.

We have developed extensive COVIDSafe practices to ensure we are delivering a safe experience for you and your students.

These practices include:

  • Dedicated COVIDSafe training for our team
  • Hand sanitisation stations and kits as standard
  • Extensive cleaning of all equipment